What About LGBT+ People?


“Inclusive Community Church has become a refuge from the hecticness of the world, a fresh take on a ‘gay community’ and perhaps most importantly a place to explore and refine my religious and spiritual beliefs.  Inclusive Community Church has given me a great sense of belief and belonging."  Kev

A Unique Church


Inclusive Community Church was founded in the LGBT+ community when there were no other churches that welcomed LGBT+ people. At Inclusive Community Church your sexual orientation or gender identity makes absolutely no difference. Our primary outreach is to the LGBT+ community. Why? Because no one else is doing it in an open and unreserved way.


But that doesn't mean that others aren't welcome! We have members who do not identify as LGBT+ who have joined us because they agree Jesus welcomes everyone and so should we.



  • Inclusive Community Church is often the first place LGBT+ people come out in public.


  • Inclusive Community Church offers not only a safe place for worship but we also offer a safe social einvironment for many LGBT+ people who cannot go to pubs and clubs.


  • Many times Inclusive Community Church is the only refuge for parents of LGBT+ people - a place where they can learn and not fear being judged or feel ashamed.



“I originally came to Inclusive Community Church because my daughter was out of control, struggling to come to terms with being gay.  Through the help, support and teaching I have learnt at Inclusive Community Church I have been able to understand her better.  Regularly the sermons touch issues that I have been grappling with for answers.”  Toni



  • Inclusive Community Church welcomes many people who have been asked to leave their previous place of worship because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


  • Same-sex partners worship and receive Communion together at Inclusive Community Church.


  • Our pastor performs Marriages for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.



“As a transgender person, I was amazed by the loving acceptance especially as this was the first I had been out in public as the real me.”  Rosie














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